Over 23 Years Solving Your Unsolved Contamination Control Problems


Over the past 23 years our co-founders have walked through the journey of contamination control serving diversified industries in petrochemicals, refinery, power generation, cement industry, steel industry, paper mills, automotive, semiconductors, electronics, food beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many more.  Solving hundreds of critical industrial applications in process, lubrication, hydraulics and compressed air.

Contamination control sounds simple but it is not an easy task. In real site we must have the sense of awareness to resolve challenges of contamination control in filtration, separation, purification and dehydration.

We take pride in ownership of  our clients’ challenges for obsolete part numbers, superfast delivery requirement, fast up-time, re-engineering and customization of filtration needs are priority contingencies.


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Our goal is to safely and promptly get your equipment machinery back to production availability as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our filtration services are developed collaboratively with your requirement to ensure contaminants are effectively removed to ensure the highest level of equipment reliability through our products and services that focus on creating a proactive & reliability-focused strategy align with any organization’s mission.

This was how our co-founders have created a mission that provide clients with distinctive and unparalleled high performance cost effective products quality & customer service solutions in all aspects of our business to gain the respect and trust of our clients, suppliers and partner vendors. Knowledge-base technical support & consulting support will be an integral part of our business to remain the leading proactive & strategic reliability focus company in fluid filtration, separation, purification, dehydration.

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