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Over 23 Years Solving Your Unsolved Contamination Control Problems

We at Proactive Strategic Reliability Sdn Bhd (PSR) delivers holistic solutions for your filtration, separation and purification diverse needs that accomplish your ultimate goals in cost effective solutions, high reliability and availability that balance your production, operation and maintenance cost to improve reliability for your bottom line profitability.




To become and remain the leading proactive & strategic reliability focus company in fluid filtration, separation, dehydration, purification, heat exchange and lubrication development.


Provide clients with distinctive and unparalleled products quality & customer service solutions in all aspects of our business to gain the respect and trust of our clients, suppliers and partner vendors. High performance and cost effective products, knowledge-base technical support & consulting support will be an integral part of our business.

We provide our customers with high performance & cost effective, distinctive and unparalleled products quality to gain respect and trust of our clients, suppliers and partner vendors.

Our filtration services are developed collaboratively with your requirement to ensure contaminants are effectively removed.

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