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Duplex Filter Assemblies

DFH High Pressure Duplex Filter

DFH high pressure duplex operating pressures up to 3000 psi / 210 bar and flow rates up to 58 gpm / 184 lpm with DFE rated glass media element options.  DFH allows for element servicing without interrupting must have continuous hydraulic system operation.  Ideal for critical hydraulic systems such as HPU pump discharge, power gen EHC systems, wind turbine and marine hydraulics.

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DFN Low Pressure Duplex

DFN duplex operating pressures up to 888 psi / 63 bar and flow rates up to 58 gpm / 184 lpm with DFE rated glass media element options and higher with wire mesh media.  DFN allows for element servicing without interrupting must have continuous hydraulic & lube system operation.  Ideal for 24×7 critical systems such as  turbine seal oil, boiler feed pumps, FD-ID fan lube oil and more.  Upgrade antiquated Auto-Kleen filters to DFN.


DLF/DLFM High Flow Duplex

DLF / DLFM high flow duplex assemblies with operating pressure options up to 1,500 psi / 102 bar are available in coated steel or stainless steel materials to suit any fluid. Hy-Pro DFE rated coreless elements are available in a wide range of medias to handle any application from high viscosity lubricants to diesel fuel. DLF / DLFM duplexes allow filter element servicing without interrupting must have system flow and are ideal for critical high speed bearing lube pumping skids and other high flow applications.

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