Just because a single component is failing, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of life left in your machine or piece of equipment.  A large percent of rebuild work is done after failure; yet most may be preventable. To maximize the life of your machine and head off unnecessary failures we can provide a complete machine assessment and recommendation, including a range of before or after failure options.

It is important to have a schedule for proactive maintenance of each item of machinery or equipment. This consists of a timetable stating when and how frequently maintenance should be done, and a list of maintenance activities for each item.

These schedules should provide simple guidelines for all types of equipment, covering the tasks to be undertaken in the areas of care and cleaning, safety checks functional and performance checks maintenance tasks, etc.

We offer holistic solutions before you decide for repair or refurbishment of your used equipment. We service, refurbish, upgrade or even re-engineer your filtration and purification equipment to much easier and lower cost to operate.

We offer a variety of machine service and refurbishment to benefit your business. Choosing to refurbish critical parts and components rather than scrap an entire machine eliminates the expense of buying brand-new equipment by extending the service life of your existing machines.

By utilizing our machine or equipment repair and refurbishment services, you’re able to restore machine or equipment to like new condition at far below the cost of purchasing new.

Lubrication & hydraulic

Compressed air system

– Troubleshooting, service and repair desiccant air dryers
– Troubleshooting, service and repair heated air dryers
– Troubleshooting, service and repair hydrogen gas dryers
– Desiccant checking
– Change desiccant