Proactive Strategic Reliability Sdn Bhd maintains a fleet of rental equipment to assist you with your fluid contamination control and conditioning requirements. This fleet includes filter carts, insoluble varnish removal carts, soluble varnish removal & mitigation skid.

Talk to our staff about our rental solutions for your application in case of urgent emergency short jobs or maintenance shut down. Our knowledgeable staff will help you develop a custom solution for your short or long term filtration project.

All of our particulate filtration systems feature Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) filters and Ion Charge Bonding technology for Soluble Varnish Removal system enable us to provide clearly superior solutions to today’s filtration challenges.

We offer monthly rental and rental with purchase options.  Please contact us for more information, equipment availability and pricing.

For more information, call +603 3291 1899 or Contact us.