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Filter Element Upgrade

DFE Rated Filter Element Upgrades

Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) is the evolution in hydraulic and lube filter element performance validation and development, and Hy-Pro’s competitive advantage.

 Dynafuzz Stainless Fiber Media Element Upgrades

Dynafuzz stainless fiber media element upgrades are impervious to strong acids that can form in phosphate ester fluids and compromise glass media integrity.  Ideal for steam turbine EHC systems that have had problems with media migrations.

HP228 Series Element Upgrade Datasheet

Spin-on filter element upgrades with 1 1/4″ BSPP G thread.

HPQ280673 Series Element Upgrade Datasheet

HPQ280674 Series Element Upgrade Datasheet

HPQ290960S Filter Elements

HPQ290960S elements are used on water misting / fogging systems on combustion turbine air intake for cooling and NOX emission controls. Contact Hy-Pro for more information these critical air intake spray system element upgrades.

Lube Design High Viscosity Element Upgrades

Hy-Pro lube specific lube elements optimize bearing lube element life where the combination of high viscosity, high flow and low terminal ΔP alarm settings (15 psi / 1 bar) require the lowest possible clean element pressure drop and high efficiency particulate removal.

Non Spark Discharge Filter Element Upgrades

Filter element spark discharge is a recognized cause of fluid degradation in hydraulic and lube oil systems creating soluble by-products and sub-micron carbon particles that deplete additives, cause fluid darkening and lead to varnish deposits.  Hy-Pro NSD (Non Spark Discharge) elements are the solution.

Non-Standard Filter Element Worksheet

Didn’t find the element you need in our interchange guide?  Please use this datasheet to provide the necessary information for us to quote it.  Please also include several digital photos and information on the application including fluid, operating temperature and application.

Transmission Filter Element Upgrade Kits

Hy-Pro manufactures several transmission filter kits for Allison and ZF automatic transmissions in high efficiency high capacity glass and stainless mesh medias

Turbo Toc Element Upgrade Datasheet

Hy-Pro filter element upgrades are available for use in Turbo TOC oil conditioners.  High efficiency glass elements for pre-filter, coalesce & separator and post-filter stages achieve a higher efficiency particulate removal, ensure water separation through equipment plus lower overall turbine lube reservoir ISO codes.

Water Removal Filter Element Upgrades

Hy-Pro A media water removal can be combined with any DFE rated glass media to remove free water from hydraulic & lube oils and fuels down to fluid saturation point.  Water removal is available in any Hy-Pro element configuration including filter carts and dedicated off-line systems.

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